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Doug Pisik

Lives in Marietta, GA

Doug Pisik has received awards in many juried exhibits of national artists, been part of well over a dozen museum exhibitions, collaborated with other recognized artists, and he has accepted large commissions including several from Home Depot, Carnival, Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre and the Smith Gilbert Gardens.  He is classified as a “Master Woodworker” from the Woodworker’s Guild of Georgia. His work is collected by Tony and Emmy award winners, movie producers, Pulitzer nominee, CEOs, other artists and can be found in collections coast-to-coast and in Europe and Israel.


His work is often composed of unique geometric patterns generated out of highly contrasting woods with a perfected technique called “Through-Pattern Construction” allowing complex patterns to pass from the outside through to the inside of his boxes and to the backside of his sculptures ensuring every facet is finely decorated. 


Dyes and stains are typically avoided and instead Pisik continuously searches for woods with naturally contrasting colors and tones to accent his work.  Some of his pieces are constructed with over a dozen species of woods and are composed of over a thousand pieces seamlessly joined together into a solid composition. 

Key Collectors:

  • Marietta Cobb Museum of Art

  • Frank Blake, Chairman Delta Airlines

  • Nancy Spielberg, Movie Producer

  • Home Depot - Corporate Headquarters

  • Carnival Corporation - Corporate Headquarters

  • James Weis, Tony Award Winner

  • Linda Chorney, Grammy Nominee

  • John Welker, Founder, Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre

  • Ben Shapiro, Emmy Award Winner

  • Larry Smith, Former General Council, Home Depot

  • Jimmy Diresta, TV and Social Media Personality

  • Smith Gilbert Gardens

  • Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre - Main Studio

  • Betsy Pisik, Pulitzer Nominee

Exhibitions and Recognitions

  • Marquis Who's Who in Art - Top Artist 2020

  • Marietta Cobb Museum of Art

    • The Four Elements invitational exhibition (2021)

    • Permanent collection acquisition (2020)

    • Metro Montage national juried exhibits (2007-2021)

    • 2nd Place (2013)

    • ​Honorable Mention (2015)

    • 2nd Place (2016)

    • Honorable Mention (2018)

  • American Craft Show Atlanta (2019)

  • Woodworkers Guild of Georgia

    • 1st Place – Craftsman (2005)

    • ​2nd Place – Craftsman (2007)

    • 1st Place – Craftsman (2008)​​​

    • ​Categorized as Master Woodworker (2008)

    • 2nd Place – Master (2013)

    • ​1st Place – Master (2014)

    • 2nd Place – Master (2015)

    • ​1st Place – Master (2017)

    • 2nd Place - Master (2018)

    • 2nd Place - Overall (2021)

  • Swan Coach House Gallery

    • Summer Swan Invitational (2017)​

    • Little Things Mean a Lot Invitational (2017)

    • Little Things Mean a Lot Invitational (2019)

Items of Note

  • COVID-19 "Art for our Unique Times" series (2020)

  • Terminus Modern Ballet Theatre: Commission (2017-19)

  • Home Depot HQ: Multiple commissions (1999-2011)

  • Collaboration with famed artist, Eric Waugh (2006)

  • Temple Kol Emeth, Marietta, GA: Sanctuary installation

  • Woodworker’s Guild of GA: Speaker (2015, 2018, 2020)

  • Gwinnett Woodworkers Association: Speaker (2019)

  • Laguna Tools: Online promotion (2007)

  • EZ-Mix: Online promotion (2013)

  • Uneeda: Online promotion (2018-19)

  • Total Boat: Online promotion (2020)

  • Fuji Spray: Online promotion (2020)

  • Wood It's Real: Online promotion (2020)

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